Gallery is a web–based, open–source picture book manager, which provides you a handy way to seamlessly combine your very own image gallery within your website, regardless if you are managing a modest individual web site or a large community site.

Gallery delivers a feature–rich admin user interface, which will grant you full power over your web gallery. It will be easy to set up users and groups, to turn on and deactivate plugins, to control comments and watermark records, etcetera. An integrated web editor will help you set up albums, to add photos and video clips, to arrange and rotate photos, to label albums/photos, to edit album authorizations, to upload watermarks and many more.

Gallery–Optimized Linux Shared Website Hosting Services

With the Gallery Linux shared website hosting service, you’ll have your pic gallery installed on the world wide web with a click of the mouse. You just need to choose Gallery from the app drop–down menu in the order form and we’ll set up your picture album software the moment we have your Linux shared website hosting account. That will enable you to begin working on your gallery as soon as the sign–up process has been completed.

Every single Gallery Linux shared website hosting package will be backed up by a number of service guarantees for the hassle–free efficiency of your image gallery. Your Linux shared website hosting account will be set up totally free and and includes a 99.9% uptime warranty. Moreover, if you’re not satisfied with the Gallery Linux shared website hosting service, you could make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Site Control Panel

With each of the Gallery Linux shared website hosting services that we deliver, you are able to make use of’s unique Site Control Panel. It gives a brand new approach to handle your web presence, uniting site administration, domain managing, billing and payment management and customer support center in a single, package. No need for any add–on panels.

The control panel is designed to work together particularly with’s custom shared website hosting system. This gives it a substantial pro when it comes to performance and balance over a various other control panel you can choose. Also, we’ve integrated a lot of complimentary software tools and bonuses, which will help you take your website to a higher level.