Site visitor statistics are an important part of any website hosting service. The number of individuals that have visited your website can supply you with more details on how it's performing and will reveal to you if you should work on improving it. Usually the web stats for an Internet site include the day-to-day and the monthly visits (unique and reloads), the most visited pages and the referrer Internet sites, so if you notice that certain pages are getting much less website traffic than others, you could consider making them more appealing to the visitors to use the entire potential of your Internet site. If you're advertising on the web, you shall be able to see if the money was well-invested or not, as the web statistics in most cases provide info about third-party sites and search engines which refer visitors to your website. Having detailed and accurate statistics can help you enhance your website and plan your marketing and advertising strategies much better, so as to get more clients.

Web & FTP Statistics in Shared Website Hosting

The web statistics that we shall provide you with are incredibly thorough and will provide you with all the info that you will require about the traffic to your websites. Using the Hepsia CP, included with our shared website hosting accounts, you have access to 2 different apps - AWStats and Webalizer, so as to get a better perception of how the Internet sites are performing. The statistics are hourly, day-to-day and monthly and feature quite a lot of info - how much traffic is created by real people and what amount by bots or search engines like Google, where the site visitors have come from and if they are new, the most downloaded information, the visitors’ IP addresses, and so on. This information is shown in graphs and tables and you can save it if you have to prepare a report about the efficiency of any site, for instance. An in-house developed software instrument will also show you the site visitors and their countries live.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Servers

The 2 traffic-monitoring programs that come with our Linux semi-dedicated plans - AWStats and Webalizer, shall give you very comprehensive information concerning the behavior of your website visitors, which could consequently help you optimize the site or any advertising campaign you are running. You'll find a lot more data than simply the number of site visitors for a given time frame or the hottest webpages, since the apps shall also show you the span of time the visitors spent on the Internet site, the most popular landing and exit webpages, and the keywords used by the visitors to get to your Internet site using search engines. All this information shall be offered in graphs and tables and you can look through them via a really intuitive web interface. As an additional feature, the Hepsia CP will permit you to see the number of website visitors and where they come from in real time.